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Woodlem Park School admits children with a broad range of academic ability. However, consideration is given as to whether or not a child would genuinely cope with the curriculum and the School environment. Places are offered, subject to our assessment criteria, when we are confident that we can meet the needs of each individual applicant whilst maintaining the balance of needs within each year group.

Starting a new school at any age can be a daunting prospect not only for pupils, but parents too! At Woodlem Park, we aim to provide you with clear and comprehensive information about the admissions procedure, from initial enquiry to the first day at school.

Whilst most children join us at the start of a new academic year, admissions are possible throughout the year, subject to assessment and availability of a place. However, we are increasingly oversubscribed and early registration is always advised, especially for our Nursery and Reception class intake.

Admission Policy

Deciding on sending your child off to school or going to a new school is likely a challenging decision that any parents make. Woodlem Park is a school which welcomes applications from all families regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religion. Woodlem caters for children with a range of additional learning needs.

We aim to maintain a hassle free straightforward and transparent admission process. If you are interested in enrolling your child in Woodlem you can go through the admission policy and initiate the procedures. If you require any additional requirements or have any query regarding the admission process, reach out to us.


What board of education does Woodlem Park School follow?

We are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India (CBSE).

What is the full capacity of Woodlem Park School and why is it so?

We are a school that can cater upto 5000 students from the Pre KG to Grade 10.

What sports facility do you provide in your school?

The school is spread across a sprawling campus that has a football turf, Athletic track, a Swimming pool, Volley ball, Throw ball, and Badminton courts.

Do we have PE classes every day?

The PE classes are scheduled age appropriately. While we ensure that at least 2 periods are given across all grades, the Kindergarten and Primary classes have 2 to 4 periods in a week.

How robust is your transportation department?

The School has comfortable air-conditioned buses which ply on all major routes in Sharjah and Dubai. More information and detailed route plan is available at the school office.

Will I be able to contact the bus driver and/or bus monitor?

Parents will be provided with the telephone number of both the Bus Monitor/Supervisor and driver. The Monitor/Supervisor should be contacted in the first instance. The Driver should be contacted only for emergency purposes. Drivers are not available by phone whilst driving.

What class are you admitting children as of 2021-22?

Currently we are opening our doors to all classes from KG1 to Grade 8. Genuine transfer for Grades 9 are acceptable subject to the norms that govern the admission policy.

What are the extracurricular activities in the school?

We believe that "extra-curricular" is not the appropriate term to describe non academic interventions in a school. Music, Dance, Art, Sport and club activities are essential ingredients to the development of life skills among children to help them be prepared for the challenges of the future.

Our "CATCH THEM YOUNG!" program once a week for a period of one & half hour will be spent in two optional disciplines depending on the child's aptitude and interest to allow his/her to know his /her interests, and help excel in his/her chosen area over the years by rigorous, joyous and many hours of creative engagement with peers who enjoy the same interests. These could vary from Sports disciplines to the fine Arts; linguistic to humanitarian engagement. More details of the program will be available through the school team in the beginning of the academic year.

What kind of medical facilities do you provide?

We have a well-equipped infirmary with qualified nursing staff at school during the working hours. Doctors are available on call.

Do parents contribute in any special ways to the development of the School?

Parents are partners in the education and development of their children at the School. We have a structured process of inviting parents to be active members of the Parent Council Committee along with their voluntary engagements in other areas of the schools’ planned activities.

Does the school provide meals to the students?

Our School provide wholesome meals for breakfast in the school. The menu is meticulously planned and ensures that calorific and nutritional needs of children are met.

How do you ensure the quality of the faculty of the school?

Great care is taken in the way we recruit our teachers - who we believe are the pillars of a great school. Along with the requisite academic and professional qualifications love of children, love of learning and passion for the job are essential qualifications to be a teacher at Woodlem Park school. We believe that the right attitude is of great importance.

What is the Curriculum Overview of the school?

The School curriculum is an ever evolving system encompassing various activities and experiences in school. Art, music, and sport are interwoven into the daily program to foster development of scientific aptitude, language and numeracy skills. The curriculum champion’s self-discovery, appreciates unique talent among children and builds a community of individual and collective excellence. It supports academic rigor through Project based and experiential learning.

Do you have Internet facility in your school?

Yes, the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. All teachers have laptops and class rooms have projectors for technologically enabled learning.

What will be the class strength?

Nursery, K.G not beyond 25
Class 1 upwards not beyond 30.

The above numbers in total compliance to the rules that govern the land.

What aspects of child safety have been considered?

All systems and processes are gin place to ensure the safety of the child in the school premises and while in the school bus. The Health and Safety Committee of the school ensures that the standards prescribed by the government is fully met.

Which languages are taught?

The overall language of instruction is English. All students are taught Arabic from KG to Grade 10. As a second language we offer Hindi/Malayalam/French/Tamil from Grade 1 to Grade 10

What IT tools do we use in classrooms?

The classrooms are fully equipped to handle 21st century learners. A smart board with digitalized content supports active participation and meaningful interaction between students and teachers. Integration of learning is practiced very vividly during the 40 mt session for each subject.