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The curriculum is planned with the aim of providing a broad, balanced and relevant programme of study for all. Woodlem Park is a CBSE school that operates within the framework set by the National Curriculum. However. we are continually developing our curriculum to provide a personalised curriculum for all.

We strive to foster an enthusiasm for learning. which encourages every student to reach the highest possible academic standards. A wide range of teaching and learning strategies are used depending on the age and stage of learning of the students. Information technology is integrated into the curriculum to support and extend learning.


  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Creative development

Woodlem Park School focuses on inspiring young minds with creativity and innovation. International standards are adopted to maintain the quality of education and infrastructure. The school strives to establish the world's best practices for developing an integrated education system that produces talents and skills required for the future. Thus, for developing language skills among children, Woodlem Park has joined hands with language academies across world.

Teaching and learning mathematics is a challenge across the world. To make teaching easier and learning faster, the school has collaborated with international experts who help develop mathematical skills through games.

Difference in learning ability is another challenge. Multiple Intelligence analysis is performed for children. parents and teachers to assess learning difference and adapt teaching methods accordingly. Woodlem has joined hands with Google to create a secure and scientific learning environment.

At Woodlem Park, we follow an internationally recognized curriculum in an environment carefully constructed to encourage children to become highly explorative and independent learners.

The focus is on a holistic blend of academic, creative and sporting development, which promotes a strong sense of pride in personal growth and achievement.

In addition, our distinctive teaching methods and contemporary approach ensure a well rounded social and emotional development, empowering students with the necessary skills to secure bright and successful futures.

Extra curricular


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" goes a popular adage. We at Woodlem Park, believe this is true.

This is exactly why we have made it a point to incorporate extra-curricular activities into the daily schedule of our students. Whatever be the area of interest to your child, he will be met with support and admiration at Woodlem Park.

Some of our most popular extracurricular activities are: Reading Club, Sports & Games, Art & Craft, Drama Club and Music & Dance

The reading habit is something that need to be developed from an early age. To aid to this, we have set up well-stocked reading nooks in KG, primary as well as the secondary sections.

Children are encouraged to read and share what they have learned from their literary pursuits with their friends and teachers.







The co-curricular program is the pillar of a complete education we provide at Woodlem Park. They develop a culture of excellence and support for the child that develops beyond the classroom walls. At Woodlem Park, we are committed to provide support to ensure that every student actively participates in all the co-curricular activities.

Here we offer a variety of ways for the children to try something new, to further develop their enthusiasm and develop lifelong interests. Our co-curricular program includes personality development, music, dance, arts and craft, sports activities, club activities. Their participation in athletics, leadership, clubs etc. help them interact with peers and will strengthen the overall culture of the school. We also place great emphasis on outdoor activities which encourage students to recreate themselves thereby expanding their curriculum.

STEAM education

The education system has been moved from STEM to STEAM since STEM alone misses several key components that many employers, parents and educators have claimed critical for our children to thrive in the present and the approaching future. STEAM takes STEM to an advanced level.

STEAM is an educational approach towards learning that utilizes Science, Technology Mathematics and arts as the key access points for guiding the student inquiry, critical thinking and speech. This program makes the students capable to take thoughtful risks, engage in experimental learning, collaborate, work creatively, develop problem solving capability. Curiosity, tendency to inquire, being able to find solution to problems and being creative in finding solutions to different problems lies at the heart of this approach. Though this approach to learning is not an easy task its benefits to the pupil and entire school community are tremendous.