Enrichment Learning Program - ELP

Woodlem Park Dubai where focuses on helping your child improve academically by reinforcing learning on the subjects your child has been taught in school, same way the enrichment classes aim to help your children develop skills, such as creative writing or performing arts. These programs give students more than what is offered during a typical school day and have many other benefits.

Enrichment learning classes fill up gaps in your child’s curriculum and allow them to dive deeper into topics they are interested in. These classes are known for offering children more than what they can learn in school, as lessons are generally less structured and open for children to ask in-depth questions.

Attending ELP with the learning process when they know they are learning about topics they wouldn’t be taking exams for. This helps to increase their confidence and boost their self-worth in their average school day.

Children that have a chance to explore their hidden talents and participate in exciting activities allow honing skills relevant to academic subjects in school. These skills include time management, test preparation and self-directed learning skills. These core study skills help them tremendously in their academics and higher education.

Since most ELP classes encourage interaction in children and require them to work together on hands-on tasks, they give children more opportunities to cooperate and share their opinions. They get to practice their public speaking skills and learn verbal and nonverbal cues that would be beneficial in communicating with their peers and people they meet in the future. These group activities allow them to express themselves, take criticism from others and actively improve themselves.

ELP classes provide children with a safe and supportive environment. They use this catered time to rejuvenate, entertain, and learn new skills in a friendly atmosphere. Some of these classes may teach them skills that are highly sought after by industries and improve their chances should they choose to apply for higher education. With enough experience and knowledge, these may even open doors for awards or even scholarship opportunities.

We, at Woodlem Park School, Dubai offer ELP classes for sports, fine arts, social skills such as Football, Basketball, Badminton, Swimming, Kho-Kho, Bharatnatyam, Fusion Dance, Guitar, Vocal Music, Ceramic Cone, Lippan Art & Texture painting, Clay Pottery & Sculpture, Painting, Quran & Tajweed, and Public Speaking.


About Us

Woodlem Park School provides an inspiring and energizing environment that places the happiness of your child at its heart because a happy child is an engaged child, a child fully able to explore the stimulating world of knowledge and ideas that await at our wonderful school.