Enrichment Hour - EH

Enrichment Hour is for an eighty-minute time weekly  in the school time-table dedicated to the selected club activities offered from a variety of options, chosen by the parents of young students or senior school students themselves.

EH offers new and exciting topics that allow your children to build upon their existing knowledge. They allow your children to learn in-depth about topics they are interested in without the restriction a typical classroom in the school has. They have more time to ask teachers specific questions, and teachers in these classes usually hold more expertise in the topics they teach for a club.

Children also benefit from the knowledge around them. With peers interested in the same topics and enrolled in the same classes, your child can learn much, especially when hands-on learning is added into the mix.

Enrichment classes have smaller teacher-to-student ratios, allowing them to be more flexible in their approach to teaching children. Teachers are not bound by the pressure of preparing children for their exams or the need to rush through topics in the school curriculum.

When children are given new learning opportunities, it can spark their natural curiosity and love of learning. A more relaxed environment coupled with more time to explore their interests can provide children at various stages with renewed motivation. These new experiences help children find a deeper appreciation for topics they are interested in and inspire them to learn more in other subjects.

Students who spend regular time in EH classes have improved their academics. This is only expected since they have added time to study and learn more about topics as they have more catered time to do so, resulting in better problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

As children explore new interests, they naturally learn more about themselves. Hidden abilities and talents surface, and they find new joy in their various activities. If it weren’t for enrichment classes, some children might not have discovered that they were good at acting or sports, for example, until much later in their life when they were given another opportunity.

These discoveries benefit children by teaching them that they are more capable than they previously believed. Your child would also be meeting other children from different backgrounds and ages. These new peers help to encourage growth in acceptance and empathy.

Most children find enrichment classes fun in nature, which means your child would have enjoyable and memorable experiences with peers their age. This passively increases their self-esteem, and they would be more likely to participate in activities in group settings.

EH classes are designed in such a way that these are suitable for any educational level. These classes may lead to more rigorous subjects as children progress in school. Some of these classes may teach them skills that are highly sought after by industries and improve their chances should they choose to apply for higher education. With enough experience and knowledge, these may even open doors for awards or even scholarship opportunities.

Here in WPSD, we offer in grade 1 & 2, the activities as: – Gymnastic, Yoga, Music, Zumba, Swimming, Story Telling, Jewelry Making and Quran Club

Clubs offered in grades 3 & 4 are- Indoor Games, Recreational Games, Yoga, Maths Club, Science Club, Environment Club, IT Club (Robotics/Coding), Fusion Dance, Spin a Yarn Story Telling, Band / Choir, Art & Craft, Quran Club

Cubs offered in grades 5-7 are- Basketball, Cricket, Athletics, Chess, Quran Club, Gavel Club, Spell Bee, Poetry Club, Culinary Art, Folk Dance, Science Club, Computational Club

Clubs offered in grades 8-10 are- Basketball/Football, Robotics, Science Club, Dramatics, EVS Club, Culinary Art, Quran Club, Debate, Writing Club, Illustration Club, Painting & Sculpting, Taekwondo.

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