The Woodlem Park School Dubai Library is a cornerstone of our educational community, boasting an impressive collection of nearly 12,000 items. Our library offers a wealth of knowledge and entertainment to both students and staff. Our extensive collection includes a wide variety of books spanning multiple genres and subjects, ensuring there is something for every reader. From fiction and non-fiction to reference materials, the library is designed to support academic excellence and foster a love of reading.

In addition to student resources, the library provides a robust collection specifically for our teachers. This includes a variety of teacher resources aimed at enhancing the learning experience and supporting our dedicated educators. The Woodlem Park School Dubai Library is committed to enhancing the reading literacy skills of our students through engaging activities and events. These include read-aloud sessions, interactive reading activities, author spotlights, book reviews, character analysis, buddy reading, and story narration. These initiatives aim to foster a deep appreciation for literature and improve literacy skills among our student body.

Furthermore, each classroom features a designated library corner equipped with a carefully curated selection of 10 to 15 books from our main collection. This arrangement allows students convenient access to enriching reading materials within their learning environment, encouraging independent reading and exploration. Our library is committed to continually catering to the needs of teachers and students. We are always striving to improve our collection and services, ensuring that we provide a comprehensive range of materials that support both personal growth and academic success.

Library Policy

Aims and Objectives

● Foster a love for reading, support educational development, and provide equitable access to informational resources for all students.
● Encourage reading habits among students.
● Support the curriculum by providing relevant resources.
● Promote responsible borrowing and care of library materials.
● Ensure a respectful and quiet environment conducive to reading and study. Policies and procedures for students in the library
● Students must help maintain a quiet atmosphere to provide an environment conducive to study.
● No eating or drinking is allowed in the library.
● All students must present their ID card when entering the library.
● Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner at all times.
● Treat all library materials with utmost care; marking or damaging materials affects the enjoyment and benefit of fellow students.
● Keep the library clean and organized. Dispose of trash properly and return materials to their designated places.
● Students are responsible for their personal belongings while using library facilities.
● Students are encouraged to return books promptly to allow others access to library resources.
● Lost or significantly damaged items must be reported to the librarian promptly.
● Lost or irreparably damaged items must be replaced by the borrower with a new copy or paid for at the current market price.
● Please consult librarian for assistance regarding borrowing, returns, and any questions about library resources. Loan facilities and terms of borrowing
● Students from Grade 4 onwards can borrow books.
● Each student can borrow one book at a time.
● The borrowing period is one week.
● Books can only be borrowed during the break times.
● Books must be returned on time.
● A fine will be imposed for each day the book is overdue.
● Students are expected to take good care of the books they borrow.
● Any damage or loss of a book must be reported immediately. Students may be required to pay for damaged or lost books.

About Us

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