At Woodlem Park School Dubai campus, we follow the national curriculum of India accredited by CBSE and the relevant statutory requirements according to MOE. The curriculum aims at holistic development for all the students inclusive of any nationality, race and ability. We provide the best possible learning opportunities in academic subjects, personal development, moral values and life skills. Staff members and students work together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual harmony.


Woodlem Park School aims to equip all students with the knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitudes to grow and develop into purposeful, successful 21st-century individuals.

Through our curriculum planning we seek to:

  • Deliver/provide the CBSE/NCERT curriculum
  • Encourage creative and critical thinking
  • Strengthen ethical and moral values
  • Promote experiences that develop responsible individuals who make a positive contribution to society
  • Develop confident and competent individuals willing to try new things and make the most of opportunities



The curriculum has a clear rationale aligned to the school, Emirate and national visions. It is relevant and promotes innovation, challenge and 21st century skills.

At WPSD, we believe in pursuit of excellence, high attainment, and a happy and safe environment for our students who enjoy their school. The curriculum is effective in developing a balance of knowledge, skills and understanding. It fulfills all the requirements of the school’s authorized/licensed curriculum and the national statutory requirements across all phases.

The curriculum ensures the entry level requirements of next grade, entry age of students and provision of appropriate developmental opportunities in literacy, numeracy, understanding of the world along with personal, social, emotional development and co-scholastic development.

The curriculum is effectively planned to ensure progression in all subjects. It meets the needs of almost all students. Continuity of learning is smooth, and students are very well prepared for the next phase of education, within school and beyond in all phases. The curriculum is designed to ensure the continuum of learning from one grade to the next and from phase I to phase II, from II to III and from III to IV which in turn leads to the smooth transition of students and their seamless progression. 

There are a wide range of subjects on offer that encompass creative, physical and practical subjects. These run alongside more traditional subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arabic, Moral Social and Cultural Studies , and Islamic Education. The wide range of curricular options provides older students with very good choices and opportunities to benefit from learning experiences that encourage their talents, interests and aspirations across phases 3 & 4. Flexibility in Enrichment Hour structure allows students to choose clubs of their favorite activity and skill. Students are offered choices in a second language such as Malayalam, Tamil, French and skill subjects such as Retail, Marketing and Business. ELP enables the students to excel in their choice of talent & skill during after school activities offer sports, Art, Music, Dance and public speaking. 

The curriculum is further developed into Long Term Plan, Scope & Sequence, mapping & progression, cross-curricular links, UAE connections, real life applications for each grade and each subject across each grade, subject leaders and grade leaders create the plans in collaboration with the teachers in the appropriate grade/subject to ensure complete understanding and ownership of each plan.


The curriculum at The Woodlem Park School strives to inspire the students to become independent, lifelong learners. WPS follows the Curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. At WPS we believe our curriculum planning ensures all students receive high-quality, integrated, coherent learning experiences that contribute towards their personal, academic, and professional learning and development.

About Us

Woodlem Park School provides an inspiring and energizing environment that places the happiness of your child at its heart because a happy child is an engaged child, a child fully able to explore the stimulating world of knowledge and ideas that await at our wonderful school.