Joseph Sebastian

Head of Inclusion and Well-being

Joseph Sebastian is a dedicated professional with over 12 years of experience in social work, special education, counseling, school administration, and psycho-social rehabilitation. Holding a Master’s degree in Medical & Psychiatric Social Work from the University of Calicut and a Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education from the Asian College of Teachers, Joseph has worked with reputed schools and hospitals in India and  UAE. Since joining the WoodlemPark School in 2018 as a counselor and special needs teacher, he now serves as the Head of  Inclusion and Well-being, and is an integral member of the Senior Leadership Team. Known for developing comprehensive support systems for students with special needs, implementing health and safety protocols, and promoting mental health awareness, his career includes significant roles in several other schools located in the UAE, as well as at Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre and KIDWAI Institute of Oncology in India. Joseph’s proactive approach and innovative strategies make him a vital asset to the educational community.

About Us

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